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Cooking Videos

Diabetic Breakfast
Diabetic French Toast – Click HERE
Diabetic Vegetable Frittata – Click HERE
Diabetic Omelet with Asparagus and Cheese – Click HERE
Classic French Omelette (How-To) – Click HERE
Poached Eggs
(How-To) – Click HERE

Diabetic Appetizers and Diabetic Side Dishes
“Anti-Deep-Fried” Zucchini and Asparagus Sticks
Click HERE
“Devilled” Green Beans – Click HERE
Artichoke Dip and Party Platter- Click HERE
Tomato-Basil Soup – Click HERE
Egg Drop Soup – Click HERE
Coconut Shrimp – Click HERE
Sweet Cucumber Dill Salad – Click HERE
Vegetables your Kids will LOVE – Click HERE
Gazpacho Soup – Click HERE
 BEST Buffalo Wings EVER – Click HERE

Diabetic Entrees
Diabetic Pizza – Click HERE
Diabetic Eggplant Parmigiana – Click HERE
Chicken Curry – Click HERE
Chicken Cacciatore - Click HERE
Stuffed Peppers – Click HERE
Veal Scallopini - Click HERE
Corned Beef and Cabbage – Click HERE
Grandma’s Roast Turkey - Click HERE
Latkes or Potato Pancakes – Click HERE
Orange Breaded Chicken (or Southern Fried Chicken) – Click HERE
Chili – Click HERE
Poached Salmon with Sauce – Click HERE
Fish Creole – Click HERE
Broiled Scrod – Click HERE
Fried Fish – Click HERE
Lasagna Casserole – Click HERE
Broccoli Cheddar Casserole – Click HERE
Stuffed Eggplant – Click HERE
Indian Food: Tandoori Chicken in Your Own Oven – Click HERE
Italian Food: Stuffed Shells – CLICK HERE
Mexican Food: “Walking Tacos” with Doritos – Click HERE
Gourmet Steak Dinner (Red Wine and Mushroom Sauce)- Click HERE
Chinese Food: Chicken with Cashews and Mixed Vegetables – Click HERE

Diabetic Desserts
Diabetic Egg Custard -Click HERE
Diabetic Cookies , Macaroons – Click HERE
Diabetic Bananas Foster – Click HERE
Diabetic Chocolate Cherry Bars – Click HERE – Tova’s first-ever video!
Diabetic Eggnog – Click HERE
Diabetic Orange (Nut) Cake – Click HERE
Diabetic Ginger Spice Cookies – Click HERE
Diabetic Cinnamon Rolls – Click HERE
Diabetic Candy: Gummy Worms – Click HERE
Diabetic Candy: Peanut Butter Cups – Click HERE
Diabetic Funnel Cake – Click HERE
Diabetic Snickerdoodle Cake – Click HERE
Pear Clafouti (Custard) – Click HERE
Apple Maple Stir-Frly – Click HERE
Chocolate Chip Cookies – Click HERE

Diabetic Snacks
Diabetic Tortilla chips  – Click HERE
Diabetic Almond Butter – Click HERE
Diabetic Kale Chips – Click HERE

Diabetic Cooking How-Tos and Quick Tips
iabetic low Carb MilkClick HERE
How to Butcher a Whole Chicken – Click HERE

Understanding Diabetes

What is Diabetes? – VIDEO – Click HERE
Get the Most out of your Dr.’s Appointment – Click HERE

How Insulin Works – VIDEO – Click HERE
Diabetes and Hypoglycemia – Click HERE
Can Congestive Heart Failure Cause Diabetes? –Click HERE
Tips for Traveling with Diabetes–Click HERE
How does Exercise Improve Blood Sugar–click HERE
Can Lack of Sleep Cause Diabetes and Obesity – Click HERE
Tips to Control the Diabetes Epidemic in Children – Click HERE
What Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, Heart Disease Have in Common-Click Here
Is it better to be Thin when Diagnosed with Diabetes? -Click HERE
Diabetes and Low Testosterone – Click HERE
The History of Diabetes -Click HERE
Inflammatory B Lymphocytes cause Insulin Resistance – Click HERE
Do Patient and Doctors Have Less Respect for an Obese Person – Click HERE
Development of Diabetes Type 2 in Mice-Diet makes a Difference – Click HERE


Diabetes Mellitus Type 1
Are we Really Making Progess? – Click HERE
Helping Friends Understand Diabetes-Click HERE
Family Coping with Diabetes type I-- Click HERE
Vitamin D Deficiency and Risk of Type I Diabetes-click HERE
Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults Misdiagnosed-Click HERE
Can Diabetes Mellitus type I be Predicted and Prevented? – Click HERE
Can Adults get type I Diabetes? -Click HERE
Diablumia-A Dangerous Way to Lose Weight-Click Here
Pancreas Transplant for Diabetes Type I- Click HERE

Diabetes Type I and Carbohydrates Before Exercise- Click HERE
The Genetics of Diabetes Type I-Click HERE
Diabetes Type I presents as DKA in 1/3 of Children–Click HERE

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
Diabetes and Sleep – Click HERE
How to Calculate BMI – Click HERE

Are you as Healthy as you Think?  Complications of Obesity – Click HERE
Can a Low Calorie Diet cure Diabetes? – Click HERE
Do Shift Workers have More Type 2 Diabetes? – Click HERE
Diabetes and Low Testosterone Levels – Click HERE
Diabetes and Exercise – Click Here
Weight loss can prevent Diabetes Type 2- Click HERE
Should people with prediabetes have normal blood sugars? – Click HERE
Tips for People with Diabetes – CLICK HERE
Women Double Diabetes Risk if  Cannot Make Decisions at Work -Click Here
Prediabetes in children-What does it mean? – CLICK Here
Metformin vs Glyburide in DM type 2 and coronary disease – CLICK Here
Hypoglycemia and Type II Diabetes – Click HERE
Birth Order and Risk of Diabetes Type Tw0- Click HERE
Diabetes Treatment and Weight Gain-Click HERE
Cinnamon and Diabetes Type 2-Click HERE
Diabetes Type 2 and Different Ethnic Groups- Click HERE
Kidney Disease and Diabetes Mellitus Type 2-Click HERE
Lower Cancer Risk for Women with DM T2 on Metformin and TZD-Click HERE
Diabetes Type 2 and Sleep Disturbance-Click HERE
Diabetes Type I and Diabetes Type 2 in Teens- Click HERE




Gestational Diabetes
Pregnancy and Insulin Glargine Use – Click HERE
Pre-Term Births and Diabetes – Click HERE
Is Gestational Diabetes a Precursor for Type 2 Diabetes? – Click HERE
What is Gestational Diabetes? – Click HERE
Can Obesity and Diabetes in Pregnancy Cause Autism? – Click HERE

Diabetes Treatment
Weight Loss Myths Video – Click HERE
Weight Loss and Diabetes Treatment – Click HERE
Dapagliflozin Rejected by the FDA Part I – Click HERE
Dapagliflozin Rejected by the FDA Part II
- Click HERE
Ultra-Fast-Acting Insulin – Click HERE
Diabetes and Exercise – Click HERE
Can a Low Hemoglobin A-1C be Harmful? – Click HERE
Diabetes and Alternative Medicine – Click HERE
Do you Know your Hemoglobin A-1C? – Click HERE
KEEP the Weight Off After You’ve Lost It! – Click HERE
“I Don’t Want Insulin” – Click HERE
Taking Medication Correctly for Best Control – Click HERE
Actos: Risk vs. Benefits – Click HERE
Actos: French Scientists Claim Linked to Risk of Cancer – Click HERE
Simvastatin FDA Warning-Click HERE
Insulin and Weight Gain: VIDEO with Dr. Sybil Kramer – Click HERE
Diabetes and Hyperglycemia – Click HERE
Diabetes and Exercise – Click HERE
Bariatric Surgery for Diabetes type 2 – Click HERE
New Guidelines of Type 2 Diabetes – Click HERE
Best Second Line Treatment for Diabetes Type 2- Click HERE
Weight loss achieved with Two Lifestyle Interventions – Click HERE
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices-Click HERE
Diabetes type I and Diabetes Type II Guidelines-Click HERE

Statins and the Risk of Developing Diabetes- -Click HERE
Cholesterol Medication also lowers A1C-Click HERE

Complications from Diabetes
Good Control Decreases Kidney Disease – Click HERE

Heart Disease and Omega 3′s and Omega 6′s – Click HERE
Diabetes and Teeth – Click HERE
Diabetic Retinopathy – Click HERE
More on Diabetic Retinopathy-Click HERE
Diabetes and Heart Attack and Diabetes and Stroke – Click HERE
Diabetes and Foot Care – Click HERE
Diabetes and Foot Pain – Click HERE

Can Omega-3 Fatty Acids Prevent Heart Attacks?Click HERE
Diabetic Neuropathy – Click HERE
Can A Person with Diabetes Stay Active? – Click Here
Does Prediabetes cause Diabetic Neuropathy?–Click HERE

Can Drinking Soda Cause Heart Disease? – Click HERE
Protein in the urine increases risk for heart disease – Click HERE
Diabetes and Hearing Loss- Click HERE
Non Medical Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy-Click Here
Fenofibrate for treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy- Click HERE
Screening adults for Kidney Disease- CLICK HERE

Diabetes News
People with Diabetes RUN Across America – Click HERE
Diabetes: the $3.35 TRILLION-Dollar Disease – Click HERE
A New Glucometer with iPhone Apps – Click HERE

New Treatment for Diabetes-Protecting Beta cells – Click HERE
Diabetes Mellitus type 1-latest research – Click HERE
Paula Deen has Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 – Click HERE
When will there be a Cure for Diabetes Type I? – Click HERE
Should people with Diabetes Eat Fruit?- Click HERE
Can we prevent type 2 diabetes in Children-click HERE
Should People with Prediabetes be on Metformin? – click HERE
Do Statins Cause Diabetes – Click HERE
Type 1 Develops More Slowly Than Thought – Click HERE
Can a Bacteria that Causes Ulcers, also Cause Diabetes Type 2? – Click HERE
DNA sequencing and Early Detection of Type 2 Diabetes – Click HERE
Does White Rice Cause Diabetes? -Click HERE
Diabetes Treatment–A new Approach – Click HERE
Cure for Diabetes?- Click HERE
Does Diabetes Increase the Risk of Colon Cancer ?–Click here
Does Exercise Improve Academic Performance in Children? -Click HERE
Family Support Helps with Diabetes Treatment – Click HERE
Sulfonylureas Show Higher Mortality than Metformin – Click HERE
Does Walking Lower the Risk of Developing Diabetes – Click HERE
Bariatric Surgery for Diabetes Type 2 – Click HERE
Link between Television and Type 2 Diabetes – Click HERE
Government Commission Streamlines Diabetes Care – Click HERE
High Normal Blood Sugars may Lead to Brain Dysfunction – Click HERE
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Insulin Resistance – Click HERE
Weight Lifting may Defend Against Type 2 Diabetes -Click HERE
Genetic Testing and Motivation for Change – Click HERE
Sitting increases risk for diabetes-Click HERE
Diabetes in Dogs and Cats – Click HERE
Sleep Restriction may Increase Insulin Resistance- Click Here
Does High Fructose Corn Syrup Cause Diabetes? – Click HERE
Diabetes News: Another Benefit of exercise – Click HERE

Diabetes News-Stem Cell Research &Diabetic Retinopathy-Click Here
Diabetes News- Reprogramming Cells to Fight Diabetes-Click HERE
FDA Investigates Cancer Risk of DDP4 Inhibitors – Click HERE
FDA Investigates Cancer Risk of Incretin Mimetics and DDP4s – Click HERE
Atherosclerosis present in Ancient Cultures -Click Here

Diabetes is not who I am–Robert Mcphee – Click Here
Diabetes News: Oral Insulin in Development
Diabetes News: Lost Sleep may Lead to Weight Gain – Click HERE
Sugary Drinks Cause Excess Deaths: Diabetes, Heart Disease and cancer – Click HERE
New Drug for Diabetes 2 approved by FDA – Click HERE
Our Teenagers are at risk for Heart Disease- Click HERE
Walking and Running to lower Cardiovascular Events- Click HERE
Diabetes News: Beginning Development of bionic Pancreas – Click HERE
High C peptide Levels Associated with Increased Mortality – Click Here
New Hormone Simulates Growth of Beta Cells- Click HERE
New Research closer to closed loop system – Click HERE
New England Patriots Cut Player with Diabetes-Click HERE

Diabetes News: Skipping Breakfast Increases Risk Of Heart Disease- Click HERE
Text Messaging can lower the incidence of Diabetes Type 2-Click HERE
A Genetic Cause of Some Cases of Obesity in Children- Click HERE
Is Obesity an Independent Risk Factor for Heart Disease-Click HERE
A Soda a Day Increases Cardiovascular Risk–Click HERE

Diabetes News:New Test to detect Diabetes Type 2-Click HERE
Diabetes News-Target Glucose Levels and A1C do not synch-Click HERE
Diabetes News: FDA Panel Approves Inhaled Insulin-Click HERE

Diabetes Nutrition
Diabetes Diet Should Include Good Fats – Click HERE
Diabetes and Salt Intake – Click HERE
Should Eggs be part of a Diabetic Meal Plan? Click HERE
What are Antioxidants? Click HERE

Calorie and Nutrient density of food-weight loss quick tip.  Click HERE

Can Eating Fish Decrease Risk of Diabetes Mellitus Type II? – Click HERE
Diabetic Diet and Fruit – Click HERE

Diabetic Diet and Vegetables – Click HERE
Soy Protein May Lower Blood Pressure – Click HERE

Does Olive Oil Prevent Strokes? – Click HERE
Diabetes and Dairy Products – Click HERE

Diabetic “Superfoods” – Click HERE
Diabetes and POTATOES – Click HERE
Diabetes and “Bad Foods” – Click HERE

Diabetes and Pasta VIDEO with Dr. Kramer – Click HERE
Diabetes and Butter VIDEO with Dr. Kramer – Click HERE
Diabetes and Sugar VIDEO with Dr. Kramer – Click HERE

Diabetes Creative Cooking Tips-Spice up your Diet – Click HERE
Diabetes and Rice–Click HERE
Ten Food Provide Half of Sodium Eaten – Click HERE
American Diabetes Association Nutrition Recommendations – Click HERE
Foods That Enhance Brain Performance-Click HERE
Can Water Prevent Diabetes? – Click HERE
Does Coffee Help or Hurt? -Click HERE
Good Fats vs Bad Fats by Dan Roman – Click HERE
Diet Soda may Increase Risk of Diabetes Type II-Click HERE

Mediterranean Diet Beats Low Fat Diet- Click HERE
Sucralose, Splenda, artificial sweetner and insulin-Click HERE

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