Guest Post from Robert McPhee: “Diabetes is Not Who I Am.”

When a person is diagnosed with a disease like Diabetes, they are faced with a myriad of choices to make.  What treatments to pursue?  Which doctors to work with?  Which other medical professionals to work with?  What lifestyle changes to make?  But in my opinion, the single biggest choice a person has to make when they learn they have diabetes is whether or not they will make the disease a part of their identity.

And in terms of creating the result that this site is all about – Success in the Face of Diabetes – that choice can make all of the difference in the world.  I’m an author, speaker and coach and my work always starts with a person’s beliefs about who they are.  Those magical words that follow “I am”…

Sybil’s Kramer’s book “Creating Success in the Face of Diabetes” also emphasizes the importance of a person’s response to a diagnosis of Diabetes.  She and I wholeheartedly agree about the critical nature of the choices we make about whether to make the disease part of our identity.  Sybil’s book also provides amazing resources about nutrition and treatment options.

Have you ever heard the term “Comfort Zone”?  Do you know what a comfort zone really is?  I believe a comfort zone occurs when our beliefs about who we really are matches the results that are showing up in our lives.  When I believe I am a healthy, fit person, I think and act in certain ways and those thoughts and actions lead to specific results.  When I believe I am sick, I think and act differently and I get very different results.

And my beliefs about who I am are a choice!  Consider the difference between someone who says “I am a diabetic” versus someone who says “I am a healthy, fit, energetic person who happens to have diabetes”.  It might seem like a fine distinction, but when you consider how your beliefs about who you are determine how you think and act, it’s a fine distinction that can make a huge difference.

So if you or someone you know has diabetes, allow your “I am” beliefs to be part of your support system.  And remember, those beliefs are your choice!

Robert MacPhee
Author – Manifesting for Non-Gurus

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