Diabetes News–Sleep and control of Diabetes

Do you have diabetes and trouble falling asleep from time to time.  When you sleep poorly, what happens to your blood sugar? Please read the article below, and let our readers know if your sugar goes up when you have insomnia? We appreciate your comments.

The glucose and insulin levels of people without diabetes are not affected by either sleep duration or insomnia. However, people with diabetes have higher fasting glucose levels when they have insomnia. If they have short duration of sleep but good quality of sleep, the sugars are not affected. The reason for this association is not clear. If you are having difficulty sleeping, please inform your health care provider.

This was taken from Medscape news about diabetes.

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2 Responses to Diabetes News–Sleep and control of Diabetes

  1. Dr. Sybil Kramer says:

    People who are too busy who had 4-5 hours of sleep did not have any worsening of their Diabetic control. On the other hand people who spent a lot of the time tossing and turning did. They either had trouble falling asleep or they woke up early and could not get back to sleep. While unproved, people speculate that insomnia is similar to stress leading to more cortisol secretion. Cortisol leads to insulin resistance thus worsening the control. Thanks so much for your question. Sybil

  2. carl libardoni says:

    What qualifies as “good quality sleep?”

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